Can you do make up?

I can do make up. If bridal party in large group and I am styling hair, i can refer you to some specialists who i enjoy working with.

What's your passion?

Mine is hair. For more than 25 years, I've been styling it, playing with it, and teaching people how to do fun things with their own. I love being a part of someone's special day, and seeing it  all come together.

Do you offer practice runs?

Once we have a signed contract, we can schedule a trial run. 

Can you come to me?

I am more than happy to travel to your destination!

Can you design from a picture?

I love seeing photos and I will do my best to recreate a style from inspiration photograph. 

The most common colouring mistake you come across?

Colouring your hair at home is the biggest mistake you can make. Salon products and home colour are completely different formulations - there's a reason professionals dont use them. I've seen so many examples of people trying to colour their hair at home only to have to come to a salon to get the colour corrected. If you're on a budget, there are ways to have low maintenance but beautiful colour, so speak to your stylist before reaching for an at-home colour kit.

How often should I really get my hair cut?

The six to eight-week rule stands for everyone, regardless of your hair type. Having a regular cut will keep your ends strong and healthy, resulting in thicker and better hair.  Untrimmed and uncared-for hair is more risk of breakage, so in the long-run you"ll need to cut more off than if you had regular trims.